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Upcoming Events

21 Aug 2017, 12:00AM
Solar Eclipse Activities
25 Aug 2017, 05:30PM
Cobra Backer Meal
25 Aug 2017, 06:00PM
Fall Pep Rally and Scrimmage
28 Aug 2017, 04:30PM
MS VB Tri at St. Benedict
29 Aug 2017, 05:00PM
V/JV VB Tri at Oskaloosa



             Eclipse Weather                         Forecast Confidence                         Eclipse Resources

We are excited about the educational experience the solar eclipse is offering our students and staff and to host 300 Holton Elementary School students on August 21. Elipse glasses have been purchased for all students and staff. Elementary parents are asked to review safety tips with your child that will come home on the first day of school. Another near space launch will occur at approximately 12:15 and the total eclipse should happen at 1:05. All students and staff will be at the football field during this historical time and everything will be narrated over our stadium speaker system. Jackson Heights parents are welcome to join students and staff.